Zawiya Academy | New Updates 2017
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New Updates 2017

Prepare for Entrance tests 2017


Zawiya Academy offers Classes for NET-II


Date: 8th January,2018

Venue: Main Campus, 60-A, Imran Khan Avenue, Chaklala Scheme III,Rwp

Timings: Evening 3 hours (Mon-Friday)

Fee: 22,000/- (Engineering Programs)

Fee: 16,000/- (BBA, SAT-I)

For Info Kindly Call: 051-5960326,  051-5952106, Cell: 0333-5121025.

Test Series (9th &  10th)

Zawiya Academy offers Test Series (Test based Revision Program)


Matric (9th & 10th)

Starting Dates are as follows:

Main Campus (Chaklala Scheme III, Rwp):   4th December,2017.

City Campus (A Block, Satellite town, Rwp): 18th December,2017

Contact Numbers are given below.

Main Campus: 051-5960326, Cell/WhatsApp: 0333-5121025.

City Campus: 051-4251550,  Cell/WhatsApp: 0334-5108852.

Peshawar Road Campus: 0321-5673138.

I.COM, B.COM Classes

New batches for I.COM, B.COM in progress .

Registration from 27th November, 2017 at All Campuses.

Contact Numbers of Campuses are as follows:

Main Campus (Chaklala Scheme III, Rwp): 051-5960326, 0333-5121025

City Campus (A Block, Satellite town) 051-4251550, 03334-5108852.

Peshawar Road Campus: 0321-5673168.

Dhamial Campus(Chakri Road): 0303-5549000, 0317-5577517

Islamabad Campus (F-8): 0333-5697269.

Matric & F.Sc Coaching Classes

Zawiya offers Evening tuition classes for Matric ( 9th & 10th) & F.Sc (I &II).

                  New batch for 9th started 2nd October 2017. (Main Campus, Chaklala Scheme III,Rwp).

                 New F.Sc-I batch starts from 1st November, 2017 at Main Campus.(Chaklala Scheme III, Rwp).

                   For updated information contact your Nearest campus or Call/WhatsApp: 0333-5121025, 0334-5108852.

IELTS, Spoken English & IT Courses

Zawiya offers IELTS (Academic, General, UKVI, UK Life skills ) & Spoken English, TOEFL by British Instructor.  New batch starts 9th October. Classes are available at the following campuses

City Campus: 051-4251550, 0334-5108852.

Main Campus: 051-5960326, 0333-5121025.

Peshawar Road Campus: 0321-5673168.


Classes for SAT-I/NAT, HAT (HEC Undergraduate tests), GMAT,GRE, GAT are available at all campuses. Batches available for upcoming tests in October 2017 onwards.

For further details kindly contact your nearest campus on :

Main Campus: 051-5960326, Cell/whatsapp: 0333-5121025
City Campus: 051-4251550, Cell/whatsapp: 0334-5108852
Peshawar Road Campus: 0321-5673168
Islamabad Campus:  0333-5697269