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GIKI test is based on Math, Computer, Physics and English. At Zawiya, GIKI entry test preparation course duration is for 7 weeks, a total of 42 lectures are delivered for every subject. The test preparation has great emphasis on test -taking methodology and quizzes. The classes at Zawiya start usually in Jan/May-June.. GIKI entry test classes are taken by teachers with over ten years of experience. We have our own data base of MCQs, collected over ten years.

About GIKI

The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) is one of the most prestigious engineering institutes of Pakistan. GIKI is known the world over for setting a standard of excellence in the field of engineering.

Admission Criteria

Minimum Qualification

The applicants must have one of the following qualifications with an overall score of at least 60%. Applicants must have minimum 60% marks or D grade in Physics & Mathematics.

F. Sc. (Pre-Engineering)

Three A-levels (Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry/Computer Science, D or above grade in Mathematics and Physics in A-levels)

and 8 O-levels (local applicants)   5 O levels (Overseas applicants).

American or Canadian High School Diploma , (Grade-12)

International Baccalaureate Diploma with Mathamatics (Calculus), Physics & Chemistry.

Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering from a Pakistani Board of Education.(60% Marks in Mathamatics & Physics)

B. Sc.(Physics & Mathematics).

Dates to remember

Availability of Prospectus: 1st May,2012

Last date for receipt of Admission Forms: 29th April- June 15, 2012

Dispatch of Entry-test Admit Cards: June 25, 2012

Last date for receipt of SAT- II Scores: 1st July , 2012

GIKI Undergraduate Admission Test: 1st July,  2012

Announcement of Results: 8th July , 2012

Commencement Ceremony (Class 2016): August 25, 2016

Weightage in GIKI (F.Sc Students)

Entry test         85%

F.Sc. I              10%

SSC                  5%
Weightage in GIKI (A Levels students)
Entry test                                    85%
O Levels weightage                   15%
*Weightage for all other qualifications is same i.e. 85% for Entry test and 15% for previous qualification attained.
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