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GMAT test comprises of English and Math .At Zawiya, we extensively cover both subjects, with special focus on the methodology of attempting the test. We offer six weeks course with 45 minutes class of each subject every day, five days a week. The classes are in progress around the year, on all campuses of Zawiya. GMAT is taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.


About GMAT

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is administered by Graduate Management Admission Council (or GMAC) and required for admission to most U.S., Canadian, and European business school MBA programs. Also, the GMAT test result can be used for admission to business PhD program, such as Harvard Business School DBA program. Many local universities entry tests are based on GMAT pattern.

GMAT exam does not test any specific knowledge in business or other subjects. Rather, it tests the “mental intelligence” and the ability to make decision under time pressure.

GMAT Score and MBA Admissions

The GMAT is an essential element in the evaluation of an applicant, and schools attach great importance to the test for two good reasons: it allows the school to compare applicants from different backgrounds according to the same numerical scale; moreover, the average GMAT score is taken into account in the various business school rankings.

At most schools, the GMAT is a deciding element in your application. Along with your undergraduate grades, your score on the GMAT determines your “academic ability”. Although everyone refuses to compare it to an IQ test, the GMAT implicitly provides the school with an indication of your ability to follow the MBA courses.

How to Register?

To take the computer-based GMAT you must schedule an appointment by using any of the following four methods:

Make an appointment online, via the GMAC website.

Call the test center of your choice directly. A current test-center list is available here.

Call a central registration number: 1-800-717-GMAT.

You might be able to take the GMAT within a few days after scheduling an appointment. However, keep in mind that popular test centers during fall semester may experience backlogs up to several weeks.

Note: If you are a citizen of Cuba, North Korea, or Sudan, you must prove primary residency outside of your country of citizenship.

Test Centers

The official GMAT Bulletin contains a complete list of GMAT computer-based test centers; an updated list is available at the GMAC website (

Test Dates

The GMAT is given year round during working days.You can take the test at any time.

Test Fee

The fee to take the Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT) is US$250 worldwide. (*Fee Updated Feb 2020).

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