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GMAT test comprises of English and Math .At Zawiya, we extensively cover both subjects, with special focus on the methodology of attempting the test We offer six weeks course with 45 minutes class of each subject every day, five days a week. The classes are in progress around the year, on all campuses of Zawiya. GMAT is taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

About GRE

GRE stands for the Graduate Records Examination; it is a multiple-choice and standardized test.

Colleges and Universities use the results of the GRE to help them decide which students to accept to their graduate programs. Therefore it is similar to the well-known SAT test except that the GRE is used for acceptance to graduate instead of undergraduate. The GRE is a computerized test that can be taken at authorized testing centers at virtually any time during the year.

The GRE is intended to test general abilities as opposed to specific knowledge about a topic, although a thorough grasp of less-common vocabulary is beneficial. GRE is one of the few widely-available standardized tests that allows them to compare all applicants on a single metric.

Test Pattern

There are several sections of the test as shown below:


Problem Solving; traditional mathematical questions with multiple-choice answers.

Quantitative Comparison; two mathematical formulas are given and the GRE-test-taker is asked to choose which one is greater, if they are equal, or if more information is required to make a determination.


Sentence Completion; an incomplete sentence is provided and the GRE-test-taker is asked to choose which word or phrase completes the sentence best.

Analogies; the relationship between two sets of words is given and the GRE-test-taker is asked to choose another set that has a similar relationship.

Antonyms; a word is given and the GRE-test-taker is asked to choose the word that means the opposite.

Reading Comprehension; a reading selection is given, and questions are asked related directly to the passages.

Analytical Writing

Analysis of an Argument; an argument is presented, and the GRE-test-taker is asked to critique the argumentation.

Analyze an Argument; 1 issues is provided, and the GRE-test-taker is asked to provide a response supported by argumentation.

Test Fee

Test fee for GRE(General) Pakistan is $205. (updated * Feb – 2020).

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